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Country Jammy Jam - The Beginning

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Country Jammy Jam's First Blog

Phone - 716-207-9635

     COUNTRY JAMMY JAM INC is a home based company owned by Lynn Karac and Terri McNamara in Clarence, New York.  Lynn & Terri have been canning for many years making a variety of items, jams and low sugar spreads amongst their favorites.

     How it began:  Lynn & Terri love to can and have been canning for years.  A couple years ago we went on vacation to Bar Harbor, Maine.  We had a great time.  On the drive home (12 hours) we were talking about how everywhere you went to shop in Bar Harbor, they had jams for sale.  (We had bought some jams and tried them while we were there).  We both said that the jams we make were much better than the ones we had bought and ate.  Lynn then brought up the idea of us starting our own business making our jams, jellies, spreads, etc.  We talked it over on the car ride home and over the next few weeks, and decided to go for it.    So, with the help of Lynn’s daughter, (who picked out the name for our company), Country Jammy Jam Inc. was born.

     With today’s emphasis on more healthy eating we were more conscious of making fruit based products with low-sugar along with some full sugar recipes.  With the low sugar spreads, "You taste the fruit, not the sugar".

     All our jams and spreads are all natural and homemade.We do not use any chemicals or artificial ingredients.We do all the cooking, jarring, and labeling in Clarence, NY.

     The low sugar jams are labeled as “SPREADS”.  This is how the FDA wants low-sugar jams labeled.  The regular sugar items are labeled as jams.

     Lynn & Terri both are certified by Cornell University and the FDA.They are also licensed by NYS Dept, of Agriculture & Markets.



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